What is the price of your software?

Our YogaFitPro is $49 per month. You are not in a contract and can quit anytime!


Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! We offer a free 30 day trial of our class management software and we encourage you to try it!


Are there any features disabled during my 30 day free trial?

Instructor passwords and instructor view are disabled during your trial. However you do have full access to the rest of YogaFitPro during the 30 day trial.


What happens to my information after it is entered into the demo?

The information you enter into the demo is stored so that you do not have to re-enter after signing up.


What is the difference between main Admin View and Instructor View?

The main administrator has full access to YogaFitPro. The Instructor view is limited to Students, Calendar (Only their scheduled classes), Classes (Only their classes), Reports (roll sheet only), and Emailer.


Do you offer Online Registration?

Yes! We have a great product called Online Client.  Contact us for details!


Do you offer support? 

We are always available via email for general questions and can schedule a phone conference as needed. YogaFitPro also has a great support/jobs forum- jobs.yogafitpro.com

In the jobs forum you can create an account, request custom work, create a support ticket if something isn’t working properly, etc. We have a team of programmers who can assist you.


Do you have a refund policy?

If for some reason you are dissatisfied with YogaFitPro, you can stop making your monthly payment. We do not offer refunds on services already provided.


Will you ever look at my data? Or share it with anyone?

We only look at your data with your permission. If support is needed and we need to look at your YogaFitPro. We NEVER share your data with anyone.


Can I import data from another software?

Yes! If you have your student list in a compatible file format (Excel or other) We are happy to import it for you!


Is my data safe and secure?

Yes! Not only do you have a daily backup feature in Tools and Settings where you can save a file to a folder on your desktop, your data is backed up daily weekly and monthly and stored at a separate location. This means if you do a backup there are a total of 5 backups of your data including the one that is running live at the server.


What are your technical support hours?

We are Pacific Standard Time west coast United States. We are always available via email and you can always send a support request via our jobs forum – jobs.yogafitpro.com Also we can schedule a phone call as needed between the hours of 10 AM- 9 PM Pacific Standard Time.


How can I get ongoing help with the software?

We are always happy to answer general enquiries via email. If you need to discuss custom work,would like a quote on custom work, or need technical support, you can also request this via email info@yogafitpro.com or by creating a login and making a request at  jobs.yogafitpro.com


Can someone set up the software for me?

Its already done! As soon as you sign up for your trial! then if you have any questions about using your software we’re here to help!