Having worked with many yoga schools, we have a wealth of experience helping you setup tuition plans to fit your school. Here are a few bullet points, but we can also work together with you to match the plans you currently offer:

  1. Charge by the number of classes per week or month
  2. Charge by the number of hours per week or month
  3. Sibling Discounts
  4. Tuition Override for scholarship students or teacher (or who are in some way getting a discount)
  5. Coupon Codes to allow specific groups or individuals to get a discount specific to that person or group.
  6. Allow for separate purchases for drop in classes, costumes, tickets and other fees.
  7. Customizable registration fees (ex. families with more than one student get a discounted registration fee at your discretion).
  8. Setup Payment Plans so clients can pay monthly or quarterly, per term or per year. You can setup different plans for different clients too.