We may not be the largest studio software company,  but for every new prospect or customer we work hard to make sure everything is exactly how you need it to work. We understand that moving from your old system is a big step for you. We will work hard every day to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible. If something in our software needs to be changed, we change it. If you need technical help or training, we will be there for you on the phone, email, or skype.


Our programming team, We have a diverse group of programmers ready to assist you- from setting up your discounts to importing your studio information.


Our reward, YogaFitPro is not just about software. We are yoga teachers and musicians ourselves. Throughout our years in the industry we have seen the way the arts can enrich and inspire lives.  We know first hand how peoples lives change for the better when they discover dancing and we want this for as many people as possible. So the hard work we do now, means you will be a customer for years to come and in this way we are helping you bring more people to yoga!