Get familiar with YogaFitPro by Adding a New Family and Student

1. Go to Families link in left side menu. Click on Add New***
*** If you do not intend on using the Online Client Portal, you may disable the username and password requirement for Families by going to Settings, Global Settings, Common (about the 4th section down). Enable login for Online Client, Change to No. Scroll down and save. You may reactivate this at a later date if you decide to use the online portal.

2. Add first name and last name of Guardian. Only one Guardian name is required. All other fields on this form are not required.

3. Once Guardian is saved, Click on blue Action button in the upper right corner to add student.

Change YogaFitPro Mode
If you are an adult school or a school that has both adults and children, you can change YogaFitPro to Adult or Combined mode by going to Settings, Global Settings, Scroll down to Common, YogaFitPro mode. If switched to Adult mode, the families link will disappear in the upper left menu.

Add instructors***
*** It is recommended that you add instructors before creating classes as this is a required field on the new class form. You may create a generic instructor and switch instructors later.

1. Go to Instructors link in left side menu. Click on Add New
2. Assign a username and password for the instructor.
3. Select whether you would like this instructor to be an Administrator with full admin privileges, or an Instructor which has limited access.***
4. Only username, password, first and last name are required on this form. You may fill in more details at a later date.

***Administrators have full access to YogaFitPro. Instructors do not have access to financial or reports feature. We can further limit or allow access for instructors if this is required for your studio. Contact us at for details.

Add classes***
*** When you bring up the new class form you will see pre loaded examples of class names, levels, locations, programs and billing schedules in the drop down menu. To add your own, go to Settings (left side menu), Categories, click on the button to the right of New Category and a drop down menu will appear. Here you may edit or add to the list of options. If you will not be needing locations, programs or levels, you may simply add an option called N/A for not applicable.

1. Go to classes link in left side menu. Click on Add New
2. Select Group Class (private class instructions will be outlined below)
3. Add a class code of your choosing
4. Fill in the rest of the form and Save

A few notes about classes
Fields such as Min/Max age and Max in class can be disabled by going to Settings, Global Settings, Scroll down to Required Fields. If disabled, these will still show as options on the form. But, will not be required.

Payment methods on Class Form

On the class form you will see Payment Method Billing Schedule or Sales Items

Billing Schedule is how often you intend to bill a class and relates to Finance in the left side menu. Everyone who is entered into this class will be billed according to this schedule. You may add your own billing schedule (bi monthly, weekly etc) under Settings, Categories, click on the button to the right of New Category and a drop down menu will appear. Select Billing Schedules.

Sales Items allow you to sell passes and packages for a class and is related to the Sales Items section under Settings in the left side menu. Once a class is saved using Sales Items as a payment method, you will need to go to Sales Items in settings and create the passes that will need be used for this class.

Set up your discounts***

1. Go to Settings in left side menu
2. Click on Fees and Discounts
3. There are many options for setting up discounts. Please see our Youtube video as a guide.

*** If you are unable to set up your discounts, contact us a for assistance.

*** Discounts will be applied when you go to Finance, Tuition, Run Global tuition Note you may view list before running tuition to make sure all is correct.
*** If you run tuition and there is a mistake, you may reverse the tuition by going to Finance, Charge History, Click on Bold X under the Action Icon