Track your income and collect outstanding balances! YogaFitPro offers a variety of reports, and if you don’t see the one you need, we can easily create new reports just for you using the data in your YogaFitPro.

  1. Gross Income Summary – See how much you brought in total for a date range (ex. Last Month). In addition this is broken down by payments methods (Cash, Check, Credit Card, etc.).
  2. Category Summary – In Settings > Categories, you can setup your own custom charge categories, and can be used for anything you want to track. For example, you can track costumes, ticket sales, tuition, adult classes, and much more.
  3. Outstanding Balances – Quickly see who owes money, for the whole studio, or for a group (ex. competition team).
  4. Payments Receipts Log – See all payments for a date range with details. Great for tracking down what happened during a specific time period.

Again, we have many more reports available, and can make custom reports too!