Getting paid automatically through use of recurring payments can easily can make running your business more rewarding and free of stress. With YogaFitPro we have well tested tools, and have processing millions of dollars in payments, and we always look forward to helping you make more money, and that makes for happy YogaFitPro customers! Let’s review a few of the possibilities:

  1. Recurring Payments – Allow customers to add their credit card or banking information. Then they can agree to payments at regular intervals (such as monthly). These payments can then be applied to tuition, other class programs (ex. class passes), or even payment toward costume fees. We will meet with you and help you get this setup for the first time.
  2. Global Tuition and Payments – This is even a little more popular than recurring billing, and allows you to add charges to everyone’s account globally (or a group of people), and then charge everyone’s card at once. Of course, you can review all the list of all charges and payments before you run them! This can be great for taking monthly tuition payments, applying late fees, and more!
  3. Printing and Emailing Statements – You can also print all statements and even email them as an attachment globally, allowing for easy and fast notification of charges from your clients. And YogaFitPro’s statements are very easy to configure to fit your needs.

We are always happy to help you get these setup for the first time, and soon you’ll be an expert at getting money more easily and swiftly! For a quick look at how it works, check out this 4 minute video!