Point of Sale Card ReaderWhether you are selling merchandise, taking a payment for drop in class, or completing a large transaction, you get the point of sale tools that you need!

  1. Swipe cards and instantly process the payment through YogaFitPro via a connected USB device. This now includes EVM chip readers.
  2. Take swiped payments with your PC, MAC, tablet or phone.
  3. We work with 3rd party providers (current list) that will meet or beat your current rate. In many cases, this fact alone helped yoga studios earn money by switching to YogaFitPro. To date, we have been able to meet or beat the current offering every single time. That said, if you have a processor you prefer, can most likely have already worked with them and can have you up and running with that processor in YogaFitPro, or if needed we can do the integration.

YogaFitPro also offers a powerful solution for card not present transactions. Once your customers have submitted their payment information the first time, it is possible with most of our merchant service providers to then charge them recurring fees, or run global payments. For more information, see Recurring Payments and Global Tuition.