In today’s environment getting messages to people can be challenging, but is also very important to your success. That is why YogaFitPro provides a wide range of tools and options to help you communicate with your customers and dance prospects effectively.


  1. Email: YogaFitPro works with multiple email delivery providers to insure the maximum possible delivery success to your customers. Some popular choices are MailChimp (free), Postmark App, and Sendgrid. These services are great because they allow you to keep a clean email list, and know exactly what was delivered, find out about bounced emails, etc.
  2. SMS/Text Messaging: Mobile devices are quickly becoming the #1 way that people surf the web and communicate. With text messaging you can get important messages to your customers. To get started with this feature, we have a page with instructions for Setting up and Sending SMS Text Messages. Note there is also Text to Speech (AKA Robocalls) available through the same service.
  3. Online portal: Even for customers who have trouble receiving communications, so long as they have a link to the online portal, they can easily login and view the information you want them to see including messages, invoices, classes and more.
  4. Web App: The Online portal can also run as a App in Windows, iOS, and Android! When using the online client, simply click on the menu in your browser, and choose Add to Home Screen and Voila! At this point your customers can even choose to receive Push Notifications, and data is stored on their device. To read more about this,

Flexibility of Options:

With all of the above there are many options and settings available, plus the benefit that we can customize where needed to best fit your specific situation. Here are a few bullet points:

  • Option to automatically send out notifications to clients about payments, registration, drop classes, etc.
  • Send only to teachers
  • Send to specific group classes
  • Save email templates for reuse
  • Attach invoices, PDFs or images to your email messages
  • Online portal customization to show exactly what you want your customers to see